Business Concept

Time Key shall, to large organizations, provide system solutions and services that improve management of processes from a time perspective (real time perspective).


During two decades Time Key has specialized in solutions within our business concept. Our dedication, experience and accumulated competence have given our customers access a powerful time system for collection, verification and analysis of attendance time, project time and production time. This in conjunction with the support from our competent and service oriented organization has resulted in long standing relations where our customers’ needs have governed the development of our solutions.

A timely system

Regardless of prevailing economic activity and trends measurable factors have always been critical for the success in corporate management. In a time when we face reduction in working hours, individually adjusted working hours and increasingly decentralized workplaces and organizations, it raises the need of reliable system solutions supporting and developing business operations. Our time system offers the necessary flexibility and management of operations that are determinant for the company´s result and the well being of the personnel.

Closeness to our customers

In order to be close to our customers we are situated in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund. Our geographical presence is supplemented with technical communication solutions enabling us to support our customers promptly and precisely at all times. We believe that an active dialogue and a dynamic relationship with our clients is the key to success in every co-operation.

Our co-workers

Regardless of which part of our organization you are in contact with you will face people that understand your needs and stand ready to deliver the service you expect from a professional partner. We gladly share our collective knowledge irrespective of whether it concerns requirement analysis, organizational questions or technical issues. Contact us by telephone or mail to find out how we can contribute in optimizing the management of your operations.