Our Concept

Our time system has been developed during two decades and the result is one of the most well thought-out and flexible solutions for time management in the market. Below are some of the reasons why our customers, for so many years, chosen to rely on Time Key.


  • A powerful and advanced calculation engine process and refines all information and events in real-time, which enables direct follow-up and decision-making based on current data.
  • Minimal administration to collect, verify and attest time reports lowers the costs.
  • Possibility to distribute the responsibility for time reporting and attest along with reduced administration and increased data quality.
  • Rationalization is achieved through minimized user input of information and extensive automated logical processes.
  • The open and flexible system structure allows cost-efficient customizations.



  • Sophisticated, flexible and uncomplicated system administration in combination with our competent support organization allows advanced configuration changes to support new or modified collective agreements.
  • High system security and reliability allow data collection, without loss, even in case of power failure and network disruption.
  • Continuous system development ensures that Time Key maintain and strengthening its leading market position.
  • Advanced functionality allows data input locally via terminals and PC or on distance via web applications and/or mobile applications.
  • Added value to earlier investments through sophisticated integrations with external systems used by our customers.