By assigning responsibility and management of administrative functions and processes to Time Key the customer can disengage resources, lower costs, enjoy increased flexibility and security and at the same time focus on its core business.

Outsourcing of Hardware and System Maintenance

Our concept enables the customer to adjust the services based on its unique requirements and need on service levels, availability and security.

The services are delivered to a fixed fee based on scope and volume during a stipulated period of time. It is easy for the customer to budget for the services and the customer is spared the trouble of forecasting investments, upgrades in hardware, operating system, infrastructure and software.


Time Keys Basic Service portfolio

Technical Environment

  • Dedicated servers equipped according to the customers specified demands/needs.
  • Database and application server, firewall, (Citrix servers).
  • Operating system and database manager
  • Redundant internet access.
  • Climate adjusted server hall with temperature surveillance.
  • Video surveillance and alarmed server hall protected against burglary, water damage and fire.
  • Separate power supply and UPS for protection against power failure and electronic spikes and surges.



  • Maintenance support weekdays between 08.00 -17.00.
  • Installation of new Time Key releases.
  • Installation of software and security patches.
  • Daily backup and storage of data, routines and contingency plan to secure the environment in the event of a disaster.
  • Surveillance and continuous maintenance of servers, database and operating system.
  • VPN and telecom surveillance.
  • Replacement of spare parts in compliance with support agreement the hardware supplier.
  • Monthly maintenance reports to customer.

The basic service portfolio described above can be extended according to customer specific needs.


  • High level of availability and security
  • No unforeseen expenses
  • Improved release quality
  • Cost savings over time
  • Reduced administration
  • No heavy investments/tied-up capital in hardware and software
  • Access to specialist competence
  • Scalable service portfolio


Function and Process Outsourcing

By outsourcing the responsibility and handling of administrative functions and processes customers disengage resources and are able to focus on their core businesses.

Time Keys function and process outsourcing encompass the basic service portfolio described above and system administration and management as well as user support.
We unburden our customers by assuming responsibility for administration and management of Time Key. Our customers are thereby able to disengage time and resources to important strategic HR work.

Changes in legislation, collective agreements and organizational changes that affect the use of Time Key are effectively handled. This is possible due to the fact that we have skilled personnel that handle system maintenance, administration and management all under the same roof. Besides deep technical and system knowledge our consultants have detailed knowledge about the customer’s central and local collective agreements, system configuration and so forth.

Application consultants and maintenance technicians are working in close cooperation and ensure effective system management of Time Key. Overhead costs such as meetings, travels, coordination issues, communication failure and not the least problem escalation are all handled more effectively.


System Management and Administration

With this service Time Key takes responsibility for continuous system administration and configuration to ensure that Time Key at all times support new and changed needs.


Surveillance and Management of Integrations

System Management and Administration portfolio also include surveillance and failure handling of integrations towards external systems such as ERP systems, HR-systems, Payroll systems, MPS-system and so on.


User Support

User support is offered as 1st level or 2nd level.

At 1st level of user support Time Key handles all support regarding user questions towards the customer’s organisation.

At the 2nd level the customer has its own support organisation consisting of educated and skilled super users that handle the 1st level of support internally and uses Time Key for support towards the customers own support organisation.