Time and Attendance

Time and attendance within the framework of Swedish collective agreement is an area that demands competent tools. Our time system facilitates in an effective and rational way the handling of attendance time. Time Key has functionality to handle the most complex collective agreements in combination with locally negotiated deviations. The flexibility that Time Key offers guarantees a high degree of automation of time and attendance. User-friendly applications on PC, web, mobile and touch screen terminals allow easy and fast time and attendance registration. All registered information is processed by the underlying framework (configured to suite each client’s needs) and is immediately available for presentation in real-time. Time Key is based on deviations. The point is that only registrations outside of the configured boundaries in the underlying framework lead to additional registration of cause of deviation.

Our time system contains all necessary tools for administration of time and attendance rules. System changes/configurations are easily handled by the system administrator and takes effect immediately for all personnel concerned.

Time Key combines simplicity with advanced possibilities to configure complex combinations of the underlying framework. Time Key with its built-in flexibility handles all our customers´ collective agreements in combination with locally negotiated deviations.

An advanced authorization system makes sure that each user has access to relevant applications/functions for his/her position. The PC and web interfaces allow registration and administration at convenience or real-time registrations controlled by the clock and calendar in the server.

Attestation is rational and focuses on user-defined deviations. Only deviations are subject to control and attestation since all other values are within allowed boundaries.

The time and attendance module is integrated with surrounding systems such as payroll, human resource, staffing, switchboard and so on. Time Key is built to handle import and export of attendance data to and from external systems.