Mobile Applications

Time Keys mobile applications support time and attendance, workforce management, project management.

The user can work freely without regard of mobile network connection. All information is saved locally. When the user has finished registering new information or adjusting old entries he/she can synchronize the information with the central system.
After synchronization both the central system and the mobile phone are updated with current information


Mobile time and attendance

The mobile application for time and attendance supports real-time bookings as well as non real-time bookings. It is also possible to use the mobile application in combination with automatic system bookings. Then the time system automatically books attendance time according to the schedule and the user only has to book deviations.

The mobile time and attendance application allow the user to see current balances an how he/she is scheduled to work the coming weeks.


Mobile Project Management

The mobile project management application shows all open projects that the user is authorized to work with. In addition to that the user can configure which projects that should be presented in the mobile application and in which order they should be presented.

The mobile project management application presents the time and attendance hours that the person has each day and how these hours have been allocated on different projects. The application also shows remaining hours to allocate or if there has been to many hours allocated on projects in regard to the attendance time.


Mobile Workforce Management

The mobile workforce management application displays graphically current month in a calendar. On each day of the month the application indicates if there are any lack of resources in regard to organizational requirements or if there if there is need for extra resources.

The application only presents lack of resources and need for extra personnel that the user is authorized to replace. In addition to that the user can only see lack of resources and extra need of personnel that doesn´t conflict with the users own scheduled work.

The program allows the user to volunteer for extra work one or several days.

When the phone is synchronized all replacements are sent over to the central time system. The user receives a confirmation that the replacement is registered.