Production Follow-Up

Time Keys production follow-up offers cost-efficient real-time shop floor data collection and reporting (time and material) for optimization of production processes.

Time Key Enables:

  • Optimal resource handling (personnel, machine time and material)
  • Reduction of deviations and material loss
  • Increased delivery precision (detection of deviations in relation to expected standard time)
  • Improved delivery quality
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Reduced administration

Regardless of ERP- or MPS system Time Key can be integrated to ensure that these systems at all times work with updated information.

Below Follows a Short Overall Listing of Basic Functions:

Configuration and Authorization Control

  • Set-up of new orders
  • Set-up of different production phases
  • Configuration of access control regarding rights for personnel to register time on orders
  • Configuration of allowed ways to register spent time on order/production (real-time or post-time)


Shop Floor Data Collection

  • Show open (released) production orders
  • Real-time registration on production orders and underlying production phases including material consumption


Review and Adjustment of Registered Production Time

  • Possibility to select groups/individuals
  • Possibility to examine and adjust registered time/material consumption


Production Follow-Up

Application for printing reports or presenting reports on screen with functionality to select on date interval, order and production/order phase.

  • Spent time/order phase
  • Spent time/person
  • Follow-up on registered time
  • OEE-Analysis