Touch Screen/Terminals

Time Key allows registrations to be made on PC (PC/web client), touch screens and/or terminals.

The touch screens and terminals are approved for industrial environments and are available in different models depending on the environment it should be installed in. The terminals can be equipped with magnetic, biometric or proximity readers, scanners and so forth.


Touch Screens

The touch screen terminals are delivered with tailored client programs especially designed for direct screen interaction. Large, clear buttons/virtual keyboards, functions enable smooth reporting of time and attendance and shop floor data collection.



Time Key is developed to secure the highest possible availability and the terminals are operational even when the network communication is cut off. Each employee has a main terminal in which his/her schedules and rules are uploaded. Each terminal can handle up to 200 employees as a main terminal. The employees can register in the main terminal even when the network is down with full functionality for 6 days forward, since schedules and rules are stored in the terminals memory.

When a user register on another terminal than his/her main terminal, it contacts the server and receives the schedule and rules. Terminals offer fast come and go registrations, and increases the availability to the system in different geographic locations where PC isn�t an option.